Why us?

There are other math camps out there, so why should you choose us?

In short, because we firmly believe we have the best possible instructors in the country, the best course materials and we will provide the best learning environment our campers.
Not to mention we are working hard to make sure they will not only learn math, but have a great time outside of class and make many new friends.

In detail:

  • Valentin Vornicu, our camp Director and main instructor, has extensive experience teaching at summer math camps, both in the US and abroad, including but not limited to MoSP, MathCAMP, Romanian MoSP, MathZoom. Not to mention he participated as a student during his middle and high-school years in more than 30 math camps, so he knows precisely what the students need and expect from a math camp.
  • Some of our instructors, like Valentin, Dave and Naoki, are also Art of Problem Solving instructors, with thousands of hours of online teaching under their belts; chances are that most campers have previously taken online classes with one of them.
  • All of our instructors have had excellent results at all stages of math competitions while in high-school. Whether we are talking about medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad or perfect scores on the AMC 12, AIME and USAMO, our instructors have proven that they know how to prepare and succeed in math competitions.
  • We will be using the world renowned Art of Problem Solving Books in some of our classes (owning the books will not be necessary for classes, however they are a great addition to anyone’s math library.)
  • We listen to our students: we know how to teach the math, but when it comes to fun, the students will decide what they will do after the math classes are over. We already have lots of fun activities planned, but we can always use more ideas. Just drop us an email and tell us about your idea. 
  • Our counselors are mostly math majors, who are math camp alumni, and will provide the best help and support outside of the math classes

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, here’s more:

  • You get to meet famous math people. For example, Richard Rusczyk will be signing t-shirts. Well, actually, he will be just a guest speaker, but if you ask him nicely he might just give you an autograph.
  • The camp is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the US, San Diego. We have 75 degrees year round and great beaches which makes outdoor activities easy to plan and fun.
  • If you live in Southern California, as we expect most of our campers to be from, you can drive to drop off and pickup your camper, saving you flight money and worries. 
  • However, if you are flying in, we will make sure that all campers are safely escorted from the airport to the camp site. Make sure you let us know well ahead of time about your flight information.
  • We made sure that you don’t have to bring food from home (well maybe except chocolate.) The cafeteria will offer a wide diversity of foods at breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, including weekends. If you have any special preferences (vegetarian, kosher, etc.) let us know ahead of time and we will accommodate you
  • Security: the SDSU campus is one of the safest campuses in the country. Also, just in case there’s a nurse in the campus standing by 8am-9pm, and there’s a hospital 5 minutes away.
  • If you are taking AoPS classes during the summer, our daily class schedule “magically” ends at 4.15pm so you have time to log on to your computer and do even more math.
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