• If the student is flying in, then make sure you have sent us the flight information. Camp staff will pick up students at the airport and also drop them off at the airport on departure day.
  • If the student is driving in, please try to make it around 5pm on Sunday, July 5th, 2015. You can also check in earlier or later if you wish to do so during the day.
  • The street address is 5150 E Campus Drive San Diego, CA 92115 (map) we are going to be located in the Tacuba Hall. Please park in Structure 6 (which is on the right side of the road.) You will need to pay $1 / hour for the meter. We will be doing the initial check in at the Cuicacalli Seminar Room located at the ground floor of Tacuba Hall (we will have signs posted around so it will be easy to find.)
Opening Ceremony

  • We will hold a small opening ceremony at 6.15pm in the Cuicacalli Seminar Room which is at the ground level of the Tacuba Hall. Parents are encouraged to stay, but it’s not necessary. We will discuss a little bit about how the camp with work with the kids and general guidelines for behavior, how to handle studying, socializing, etc.
Items to Bring
Really important

  • a pillow (we will provide bed sheets, linens, etc. but we want students to bring their own pillows and not use anyone elses.)
  • alarm clock (or mobile phone with alarm function)
  • notebook, pens, pencils to take notes, a binder/file for handouts and other assignments
  • personal towel (we will provide washed towels but we do prefer students also have their own)

  • sufficient socks and underwear (at least 1 weeks’ worth, we will have washer and dryer on site and we will help them do laundry)
  • it is warm in San Diego, so light t-shirts and light shirts are recommended
  • 2-3 pairs of shorts, 1-2 pairs of long pants
  • at least one long sleeve / sweatshirt, sometimes it tends to get colder at night and early in the morning
  • sneakers, sandals (at least 2 pairs, just in case one of them breaks)
  • bathing suit
Other Items

  • you will not need a scientific calculator for classes at the camp
  • sun screen/block for the outdoor actitivies
  • favorite boardgames, cardgames (we will have some at camp, but if you have a favorite one it’s best you bring it with you)
  • you can bring your laptop with you but you have to make sure you don’t misplace it; your room will be under key, as will the building; SDSU campus is safe and we should have no problems, however we cannot guarantee the safety of any of these valuable electronic items and the camp is not responsible for any of them going missing
  • you may want to have a small amount of money with you for additional snacks and beverages from the vending machine outside of the regular 3-meals a day provided; we don’t recommend more than $100
We will provide

  • first aid and basic over-the-counter medication (Tylenol, Advil, etc. – administered by staff only)
  • recreational equipment (soccer balls, basket balls, frisbees, etc.)
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