This list of questions will be updated as you ask questions and we answer them.

I am an international student. Can I apply?
Before you apply you need to make sure you are able to travel to the United States; some countries require VISAs; all classes will be in English. If you are okay with all of that go ahead and send in an application.
I’m 10. Can I apply?
If you are 10 or less but you have some experience with problem solving, or you are really serious about participating in competitions for middle-schoolers such as AMC8 or MATHCOUNTS, you should apply.
What kind of math contest experience do I need for this camp?
While math contest experience is definitely helpful, we are looking for students who are interested in getting better. As long as you know what MATHCOUNTS, AMC, AIME are, and you wish to improve, you’re welcomed in our program.
If you already went to the IMO then perhaps there’s not much more you can learn; However if you are struggling with the AMC 10 for example we can teach you a lot of things and improve your score.
What if I can’t keep the pace with the rest of the class?
We will have TA’s in the classroom that will try to help you as much as possible. You are also welcomed to discuss the problems during the evening seminars with our Instructors, TAs and with your more experienced peers.
Can we bring laptops to camp?
Yes, you can. Make sure you bring an ethernet cable with you, as internet will be available in the dorms.
We only ask you that you leave the laptop in your bag when attending class. 
Also remember that we are not responsible if your laptop gets damaged or goes missing.
Can we switch roommates after camp has started?
This is a delicate issue. We will try to make sure everyone is happy with their roommates.
Let us know then if there is a serious problem, and we will try to fix it.
Remember the more friends you have, the more fun you’ll have as well.
Why is the camp only 3 weeks?
Because we have found, through personal experience, that this is the optimal duration for a camp.
Anything shorter than that is not enough time. If you were asking why isn’t it longer, after 3 weeks of studying math (almost) every day, you will very likely want to take a break.
Is there any financial aid available?
Because this is our first year running the camp, we cannot estimate if and how we can help our students financially. We will offer a few partial scholarships to students with great performances at the USA(J)MO, but in general you should assume there is no financial aid available for this year. 
We will however have an Early Bird discount, and also a discount for sending siblings to the camp (the two cannot be combined.)
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