About us

We are a young company but we have an old brand and experienced people at the helm.
The original MathLinks website was created by Valentin Vornicu in 2002, and strieved to provide resources for advanced high-school students preparing for the International Mathematical Olympiad. The site’s forum quickly grew very popular and not more than two years later, in 2004, Valentin decided to join the AoPS crew lead by Richard Ruszcyk. The merge of the two forums was the basis of the AoPS Forums — what was going to become the largest math forum in the world, run by AoPS Inc.
We plan to create the best math summer camp experience in the world. Hopefully in the upcoming years we will run two or even three summer sessions so more students can benefit from our program.
We also plan to be able to offer financial aid to bright students in need. We understand that the prices are steep, but if anything is worth spending money on in today’s economy, it is high quality education, and that’s what we’re striving to provide.
Valentin Vornicu
During the year, besides teaching classes for AoPS and the San Diego Math Circle, Valentin works as specialized math tutor, most of his students being bright students aiming for a spot in the most prestigious math competition in the United States: USAMO.
If you are interested in his rates and availability, contact him on his personal email address: valentin@mathlinks.us
In his spare time, Valentin enjoys playing poker and has been very successful in doing so, winning a WSOP gold ring at a WSOP circuit event on October 17th 2011, in Chicago, IL.
We have set up a special page for our math friends.
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